Ron's Likely Opponent
Ron's likely opponent is the incumbent Congressman Jim Moran, a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee and its Defense Subcommittee.

Moran supports continuing the occupations and war in Iraq, Afghanistan and drone attacks in Pakistan and is for increased, unneeded, defense spending.

Moran was instrumental in providing President Bush the funds for the Iraq war/occupation, including the FY 2008 and 09 $165 billion Emergency Iraq War Supplemental , the 2010 DoD appropriations and the plans for the almost one trillion dollar record FY 2011 Department of Defense Appropriations.
The $165 billion provided enough funds to President Bush to continue the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan through the end of his administration and funds for Obama for about the first six months of his administration. Moran was quoted in “CQ Daily” as saying this was a good idea. Moran and the other appropriators did this so that the FY 2009 funding for Iraq would not be debated in the fall of 2008and become an election issue. The Iraq war and its funding should have been a critical election issue.
Supplementals are supposed to be for used for emergency funding for items that were not known when the regular appropriation bill was passed. The FY 2008 and 2009, $165 billion Iraq War Supplemental included $70 billion to supplement the FY2009 Defense Appropriation Act which did not exist at the time the supplemental was passed. It is illegal to supplement a bill that has not yet passed.
Among other pork in this supplemental, there was $3.3 billion for ten C-17, Globemaster aircraft that neither the President nor the Air Force budgeted or asked for. These Globemasters were in excess of Air Force requirements as shown in the latest Air Mobility Study, will not be delivered for years, will not help the troops in Iraq and should not be paid for in a supplemental. Also, we should be building aircraft to fight the ever-increasing number and intensity of wild fires, not more C-17s.
Jim Moran refused invitations to participate in a Town Hall meeting on the FY 2008/09 Supplemental. There was no public markup of the Supplemental in the House and no committee or conference report before it was voted on.
The invasion and continuing occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan are wrongful, unlawful and criminal. Preparing, facilitating and voting for legislation appropriating money for illegal war are wrongful, unlawful and criminal.
Jim Moran consistently votes in favor of defense contractors and not in the best interest of the American people. By way of examples he voted:
• Against revoking funding for the Missile Defense Program. The Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty, the law of the land, prohibits missile defense systems.
• To table (kill) a requirement that the President obtain congressional approval before withdrawing from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. The U. S. cannot legally withdraw from the ABM Treaty.
• To authorize spending on a missile defense program and low-yield nuclear weapons and exempt the military from environmental regulations. The Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty prohibits the development of new nuclear weapons.

Moran supported the TARP/Wall Street bailout has not opposed the addition $23 trillion (Total $23.7 trillion) of taxpayers money that has been given or committed to banks and Wall Street by the Federal Reserve, FDIC and various agencies of the Federal Government.
Little wonder that the deficit for next year is expected to be over $1 trillion.
Jim Moran voted for CAFTA and NAFTA and other free trade agreements which are hurting the U. S. economy and destroying the economy of many developing countries.
Jim Moran voted to impeach President Clinton but voted to "bury" Kucinich's original Article's of impeachment in committee.
Jim Moran, like many in Congress, blames the Iraq War on President Bush. Bush could not have started the Iraq war without Congress authorizing him to use force and then providing the funds for the war. Moran could have helped stop the war by simply stopping the funding and/or by helping to impeach Cheney and Bush.
Ron is running so that the people of the Eighth District of Virginia will have much better representation in Congress.

Ron is likely to have an additional opponent after June.
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